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Miami inshore fishing report Jan 6 2021


I will start off by telling you that I had a father, son and young daughter fly and bait fishing charter from Key Biscayne. First we got a great weather day and the son wanted to catch a tarpon. The father wanted to catch a bone fish on his fly rod. While his daughter was happy to tag along. We were going to fish a 6 hour charter. We head out in search of some tarpon off Miami beach in which there were lots of tarpon out there this morning. We could see them rolling all around us and I was sure that we would hook one up. The father was fly fishing for them and casting his fly at the rolling tarpon. I put a shrimp out the back of the boat out of his way. It took awhile to get the first bite but we hooked it up solid and the son was fighting his first tarpon.

And as you can see from this photograph it’s a hundred plus pound tarpon. We continued fighting this big tarpon with plenty of people watching us from Miami beach. After around 45 minutes of fighting this tarpon we got the hook out and released her to fight another day.

So we set out to try to catch a bone fish on fly. Bone fish are very difficult fish to catch while fly fishing. Anything and everything can spook them as you cast you fly to a bone fish. We several schools of bone fish moving through giving us a better chance. We spooked the first few schools of bone fish by throwing the fly line over top of them. A few coaching tips and incuriging words and the next couple schools we had some bone fish look at the fly and follow the fly. Getting closer to hooking one up. the next group one takes the fly but just comes off as he was trying to clear the fly line.

We get a group of smaller bone fish and takes the fly and we land it with a quick family photo.