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Miami inshore tarpon fishing and bone fishing Miami Jan. 11- 2021


We left the dock at Key Biscayne in search of catching some bone fish and tarpon. The weather was not bad, at all a little windy and some cloud cover. We started by fishing the flats of Biscayne bay for bone fish; the first spot we did not find any. I moved the boat to try a different spot and nothing was happening there either but I stayed in that location and was just about to go we we got hooked up and landed the first bone fish of the day.

This is a large bone fish any where but more of a common size for Biscayne bay. We fished for bone fish for little longer and did catch another bone fish a little smaller that this one. But we needed to try to catch a tarpon on the fly rod. So we headed the the inshore Miami to a spot that I have gotten lots of people there first tarpon while fly fishing. When we got to the spot everything just looked right and we fished for them for awhile. I just felt like we were going to hook one but it did not happen. So I went to another spot but more of a bait spot and we drifted a shrimp for them and hooked up. After about 50 minute to an hour long fight Neil landed his biggest tarpon of his life one around 115 to 120 pounds. We went back and hooked several tarpon but just could not keep them on the hooks. Father and son had a great time and got some very fishing in.