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Miami Biscayne bay shark fishing report feb. 2021


While we were fishing for lemon sharks and barracuda’s I saw a big muddy spot with some large fish splashing. So we headed over in the shallow water with the trolling motor and I could see 7 large lemon sharks that were feeding on something. As we got closer I used one of the barracuda rods to hook into this black tip shark that was bitten in half. Shortly after taking this photo we hooked one of those lemons and we had to chase it down before we lost all of the line. After around a 30 minute fight we landed that lemon shark.

I usually have one or two sharks that get eaten while fighting them. It’s almost always a black tip shark that gets eaten. From mostly bull sharks and hammerheads and some times lemon sharks. The fishing for lemon sharks has been good so far this year and should get better with more warm weather.

Black tip sharks and been around also and should be good for the rest of the spring and summer.

These black tip sharks offer great experience for anglers of all different skill levels.