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Fly Fishing Miami
If you are a fly fisherman, you will enjoy fishing Biscayne Bay. This is where the Florida Keys begins – with no roads and unpopulated islands, with miles of grass flats separated by channels. This is what makes this area so good for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon and many other species of fish that can all be caught while fly fishing.
Biscayne Bay is very well-known for its very large Bonefish. Several world records have been made in the Miami Biscayne Bay waters. Bonefish are a very challenging fish to fly fish for. They are difficult to see by most anglers and are very spooky. You need to make a good accurate fly presentation without scaring the fish. You will need to have some fly fishing skills. Biscayne Bay Bonefish do run in all sizes, but the average bonefish will go from four to nine pounds with some Bonefish going well over ten pounds
and that is a trophy Bonefish.


Fly fishing for Permit is also a challenging sport. Fifteen to twenty years ago very few Permits were caught while fly fishing. But there has been quite the evolution in fly fishing for Permit. New techniques as well as fly patterns have helped get more bites when fly fishing for Permit. Permits that are
caught on a fly rod are still one of the biggest accomplishments a fly angler can have.


Miami Fly fishing GuidesMiami and Biscayne Bay has some great opportunities for a fly angler to catch a Tarpon. Most of the Tarpon here run very large; most will over a hundred pounds but the average range is sixty pounds to around one hundred and twenty five pounds. There are many different ways to catch a Tarpon on a fly rod, but by far; my favorite way is to sight fish for them. Think of this; a one hundred pound fish around six feet long swimming by its self in crystal clear water and you throw a fly to it. Or it could be a string of ten or twenty Tarpon or even a hundred that’s going to give you several opportunities to get the cast just right.

While casting that right cast, when you are stripping the fly back and when he decides to eat it! You watch that tiny fly get swallowed into the giant mouth. Then the fly line just stops as you just start to feel the weight of the fish then it’s just ripped from your hands as it becomes air borne. There is nothing better than that when it comes to fly fishing.



Fly Fishing Biscayne BayIf the conditions are not good for fly fishing for the big three – Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon, don’t worry there are alternatives. There is plenty of other species to fish for here. The channels that separate the grass flats have Ladyfish, Bluefish, Mackerel, Blue runners, Jacks and many others to put a bend in your rod.





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