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Paul and his son David come to Miami to catch a tarpon while fly fishing part two


Night two and we need to get David a tarpon on the fly rod. The weather is looking very iffy with some thunderstorms close to start off with. We get set up at the first spot and David is casting the fly good. We have some thunder storms inshore Miami and all of a sudden a blue sky lighting bolt strikes very close to us. Very unnerving when the storm is at least 5 to 7 miles from us. We all agree on continuing fly fishing. That decision pays off when David comes tight with a Giant tarpon he clears the fly line because the tarpon ate the fly very close to the boat. This fish is going crazy grey hound jumping in a semi circle around the boat. We get going chasing the tarpon down when it makes a huge jump clearing 6 feet of air and looks to be close to one hundred and fifty pounds and the fly come out. Ok we just get back after it. We hook up again, but on the bait rod, another nice fish but not as big as the one he hooked on the fly rod. 

After a long hard battle having to get around a couple channel markers and through a bridge the tarpon was showing signs that is was ready to come along side the boat. We were able to get a couple shots of the tarpon along side the boat.

We also took  measurements  of this tarpon it was 73″ long. They were absolutely amazed with this big tarpon that they might have it mounted. All I need to get a tarpon mounted is the length of the tarpon.

We got back to fly fishing and Paul; the father, was up on the fly rod this time. He has a very nice easy cast, lays the fly line out real nice, but a very bad habit of lifting the rod when a fish bites. We got a little practice in fishing for lady fish earlier that day with Paul, but he had the trout set very bad. I could not get him to stop doing it. After fly fishing for tarpon for about 10 minutes, Paul comes up with a way of holding the fly rod so he can’t possibly lift the rod. As he is explaining his new technique the fly line comes tight; I mean a rooster tail of water was coming off the fly line as it was cutting through the water. The tarpon is jumping and his trick worked and the fish is on, but after the third jump it throws the hook. I usually don’t have the tarpon get off like this when we are fly fishing, but they did this night. Not long after losing that tarpon we got completely surrounded by thunderstorms and decided to head in.