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Mike and his son catch a hammerhead shark


Mike and his son Teag came to Miami looking to take a inshore fishing charter. We started out fishing for black tip sharks but some storms with rain started to develop all around us. So we headed south to try for some lemon sharks on the flats of Biscayne bay.  The fishing for lemon sharks was very slow and more storms started developing around us there also. There was a break in the weather in an area that holds some sharks and within minutes we had a black tip shark that was swimming up to the bait. When a juvenile hammerhead shark got the sent of the shark bait, the hammerhead shark chased the black tip shark off and started to go after the bait. It’s funny to watch these sharks try to eat the bait. The hammerhead has a small mouth for a shark of that size and the hammer head also get tangled in the fishing line as they are trying to eat the bait. There head just pushes the bait away that just frustrates that shark more, and it just starts going crazy trying to get at it and it pushes it away even more. The hammerhead shark did get a hold of the bait and Mike and his son had a great fight and show. As we were fighting this shark more storms were growing all around us again, but we got the hammerhead released and got some good photos. We got out just before it started raining on us. I went to a area that had some tarpon there and away from the storms, we did get a tarpon bite but it jumped one time and threw the hook. Time ran out for the half day charter and we headed in.Mike and his son catch a hammerhead shark IMG_0868