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Miami Inshore Fishing Charters

Miami inshore fishing chartersIf you decide to do a Miami inshore fishing charter, I will describe what that could be like.


First, we will be fishing around multi-million dollar homes and condos. Some are owned by famous athletes and actors. I will do my best to show some of these beautiful homes all while we are fishing.


There are no Bonefish or Permit to fish for inshore Miami, but it’s possible to find Tarpon in some of the deeper bays of this area. We catch Barracuda and Ladyfish here also, but for some reason, they just don’t get as big as they do in Biscayne Bay.

Biscayne Bay fishing chartersThe main target on a guided Miami inshore fishing trip would be the Speckled Sea Trout. It’s a very pretty fish that has a dark copper colored back with black spots all over its body. Sea Trout have an orange colored mouth with two fangs on the top of their mouth, so they can grab a hold and hang on to their prey.


Miami inshore fishingOne way of fishing for Sea Trout is by using a popping cork rig. The cork or float is conceived on the top so when you give it a pull, it makes a sound of Trout feeding on the surface. You just give it a couple pulls and wait for the cork to go down; kids love this type of fishing. When hooked the Sea Trout will jump or just shake its head trying to throw the hook. Sea trout can be caught year round and run from about one pound to four pounds. You can also get Bluefish, Blue Runners, Mangrove Snapper and Spanish Mackerel.



Inshore fishing Miami

Take you kids fishing

Kids fishing MiamiIf you are in the Miami area or even in Fort Lauderdale, here on Spring Break with your kids; go for the Tarpon/Shark combo that is prime time for both. They are close enough to get both types of fish in a half day.


What teenager does not want a shot at catching a Tarpon or to bring a shark alongside the boat?


And if your kids are too young for that type of fishing; take them out for some fun fishing to see how many different species of fish they can catch during a half day.


Be sure to call (954) 894-9865 or email and ask about the Miami Kids Fishing special!